"The set by Frank J. Oliva conveys the longevity and weight of James and Sarah's relationship better than any of the acting.
The shelves of books and magazines, the well-stocked liquor cabinet and the laptop computers all speak to the luxuries of American life.
If only they could deliver happiness."
- Joseph DaltonTimes Union

"...a smart & detailed set by Frank J. Oliva brings these characters vividly to life."
- Paul LaMarDaily Gazette


Written by Donald Marguiles
Regional Premiere
Curtain Call Theatre, 2016

Produced by Curtain Call Theatre Company (Carol Max, Artistic Director)

Directed by Carol Max
Scenery by Frank J. Oliva
Clothes by Machel Ross
Lights by Lily Fosner
Sound by Alex Dietz - Kest
Props by Jacob Luria

Photographs by Frank J. Oliva